1- High quality carbon combs, antistatic, high heat resistance, very light weight, great durability and robustness.

2- Handle comb for the sink and untangle.

3- High quality silicone combs. more flexible, antistatic and resistant. ideal to select, divide and create all kinds of hairstyles.

Peine CB01 carbón escarpidor.

Peine CB06B carbón pua.



Peine CB602A carbón corte.


Peine escarpidor 6226 púa ancha.

Peine silkomb-cypress 30


Peine silkomb-cypress 50. 


1- Ceramic brushes + ions, Ion-Tourmaline technology, ergonomic soft and non-slip handle, high temperature resistant antistatic nylon bristles, nanotechnology with antibacterial protection.

2- Cypress brush C + I 80 Jabali 80mm. ø, ceramic + ions, better heat conduction and greater airflow, ergonomic handle.

Cepillo Cypress C+I 53 


Cepillo Cypress C+I 43 


Cepillo Cypress C+I 33 


Cepillo Cypress C+I 25 


Cepillo Cypress C+I 20


Cepillo Cypress C+I 80 Jabalí


Scissors with Aluminum handle: Ergonomic scissors with finger grip. Convex sheet Matt finish.

Tijera E3-50 5”


E3-55 5.5”


Tijera defilar E3-3oT 5.5”


E3-60 6.0”



Bol 360 ml, antideslizante


Paletina eco-friendly, suave y firme

Probeta Cypress. Ligera. 150 ml

Sprayer H20 aluminio, 250 ml


Pinzas doble sujeción, curvadas

Cartuchera cierre ajustable


Brocha extra de pelo y ergonómica

Espejo ergonómico  muy ligero

Hair Clipper Cypress


Water-resistant polyester-nylon cutting layers with clasp closure. Measures 135 x 150 cm.


Capa Kiddy 75 x 105 cm


Kimono cliente 100% poliéster


Turbante, secado rápido, 105 gr