Cleaning shampoo with high pH that removes any residue in the hair. Open the cuticle and prepare the hair for step 2.




Volume reductor with keratin,proteins, shea butter and blue / violet pigments. It reduces the volume and eliminates the frizz of the hair leaving it extremely manageable. The extra proteins protect the hair fiber and the blue / violet pigments prevent the unwanted changes of tones in blond and reddish hair. Formaldehyde free.



Rebalancing Conditioner with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Quinoa and Oats that brings softness and shine to the hair.

The kit also includes: a pallet, a pair of gloves and a step by step brochure.


KIT CYPRESS AMAZONIA – Hair Straightening Treatment



Cypress AMAZONIA is a 100% formaldehyde-free Progressive/keratin straightening treatment. It acts directly on the hair’s cortex, specifically on the disulfide bridges that determine hair’s shape and appearance. The treatment works in combination with heat to stretch those bridges without breaking them, guaranteeing natural looking straight hair.

What are the active ingredients in CYPRESS AMAZONIA?

CYPRESS AMAZONIA is composed of a rich blend of healthy acids, Keratin proteins, Silicon Oil and Shea Butter. This combination allows for the perfect realignment of hair strands. .

What is the difference between this type of progressive straightening and other types of straightening like Japanese?

The main difference is that CYPRESS AMAZONIA does not break the disulfide bridges but helps to mold them thanks to the main ingredients of CYPRESS AMAZONIA combined with the heat of the iron without damaging them. The Japanese Straightening break these bridges to get a smoothing hair and damaging its structure.

When can I wash my hair after performing a CYPRESS AMAZONIA straightening treatment?

We recommend waiting from 48 hours to 72 hours before performing the first wash. It is important to remember that, as CYPRESS AMAZONIA is a temporary straightening treatment, excessive washing reduces the duration of the straightening effect.

How long does the CYPRESS AMAZONIA straightening effect last?

Between 2-3 months, depending on the client’s hair type and their correct use of CYPRESS AMAZONIA aftercare products. As a progressive straightening treatment each application will leave the hair more straightening.

What type of aftercare products should be applying?

The CYPRESS AMAZONIA aftercare line is specially designed to leave your hair straighter for longer. The AMAZONIA SH shampoo with 0% salt and sulphates is essential to maintain the correct hydrolipidic functioning of the hair.
Being a more delicate cleaning shampoo does not affect the straightening of the hair so much. The AMAZONIA MK mask helps soften and have looser hair. This products with oat and quinoa proteins actively hydrate and protect hair strands from damaging external forces.

What are some other important tips to extend the CYPRESS AMAZONIA straightening effect?

It is important to remember that exposure to sun, wind and salt water, as well as use of chemical agents such as bleach and hair dye, can damage the hair’s structure and drastically reduce the duration of the straightening effect. Therefore, to guarantee the straightening effect for the maximum possible amount of time, it is important to avoid such harmful external agents.

How long do I need to wait after the straightening to bleach or dye my hair?

We should wait a minimum of 2-3 weeks after the CYPRESS AMAZONIA treatment. Be advised, however, that the performance of the straightener may be affected. Also, the use of ammonia free coloring helps to minimize any alterations in the straightening result.
In case your hair was already dyed before the straightening process, there is the chance of a change in tone. That is why the temperature of the iron is very important in dyed and bleached hair to avoid this change.

How much time must pass until the application of the CYPRESS AMAZONIA can be repeated?

The procedure can be repeated after 2 weeks. However, it is always important to analyze the hair’s health before applying or reapplying the product. If the hair is healthy, the product may be reapplied. However, if the hair strands are damaged or weakened, it is strongly preferable to first perform a reconstructing treatment.
Since it is a progressive straightening treatment, each application will leave the hair even straighter. The accumulated level of straightening depends on the client’s hair type and their aftercare routine.

Can pregnant women receive a CYPRESS AMAZONIA straightening procedure?

Yes. CYPRESS AMAZONIA contains no harmful chemicals and does not produce harmful vapors or smoke, therefore there are no restrictions on its use. However, during pregnancy it is important to consult a doctor for the use of any new product (cosmetics, food, etc.).

Does CYPRESS AMAZONIA produce vapors or smoke?

CYPRESS AMAZONIA may produce non-toxic vapor or smoke. This occurs naturally due to the application of heat to the hair.